The Cooking Parties are my Cooking Classes at your place.

I use the word Party because my style is informal and fun.  

Learn how to make Pizza, Gnocchi, Pastas or the Renatomisu': my Special Tiramisu'....all while having a great time. 

Have your glory in the kitchen! 

I will show you the secrets to shock your guests with an Authentic Italian Meal.

Trust me, food will never be the same ;)



Invite your friends for any occasion or organize a surprise birthday dinnner! 

I will prepare an intire Italian Dinner; from Aperitivo to Antipasto, Pasta, Second course ( meat or fish) and Dessert.  

I will present the whole menu to your guests during the first toast of the night and I will be ready to talk about my Country with everybody!

No matter if you have a little or a big kitchen, I will take care of it like it's my own, don't worry!

I shop, I come, I cook, I taste, you eat!

Special Dinners


Special Events

Cooking Parties



Every occasion is a good occasion to eat Italian Food!

                                               Italian proverb


Special events are Weddings!

Would you like to have an Italian Style Wedding?

Well, now you can. We can work together on your menu, making it perfect for you. You could do a Regional menu to surprise your guests. A recipe from Piemonte, one from Lazio, one from Campania, one from Sicilia...we have 20 Regions in Italy and each one has particular recipes....ready to discover them?

Special events are also Galas!

Would you like an Italian buffet for your Convention/Meeting?

Particular Aperitivi ( light cocktails ) served with refined finger foods and snacks, elegant Antipasti of all types. Choose from the most simple to the more complex menus.

.....and everything will be better!    

(503) 956-4242

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